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Hong Kong Workplace Investing

Fidelity is one of the largest retirement asset managers in Hong Kong.

About us

Fidelity started managing assets for retirement schemes in Hong Kong since 1989, providing best in class investment solutions to defined contribution schemes offered by organizations from a diversified range of sectors. With close to 30 years of local experience, Fidelity regards the Hong Kong retirement business as one of our key strategic goals and a vital component to our long-term corporate success.  We currently manage approximately USD 15 billion in retirement assets (both ORSO & MPF) and serve over 400,000 MPF members in Hong Kong (as at 30/09/2018).

Within the Occupational Retirement Scheme Ordinance (ORSO) space, the Fidelity Advantage Portfolio Fund umbrella provide employers with the flexibility of an investment only, fully bundled as well as roll-over service for their participating members depending on their needs.  Employers sponsoring an ORSO scheme with an open architecture structure (i.e. with an independently appointed trustee and administrator) will find the investment only option most suitable while employers looking for a more holistic solution will consider the fully bundled alternative as a more ideal choice.  

Fidelity also offers a full service MPF solution, designed as a unique proposition combining Fidelity’s award winning investment capabilities with an innovative platform of tools that aim to enhance engagement and empower our members in their retirement planning.