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Roadmap to women’s retirement journey

By 2069, the number of women aged over 65 is expected to increase to nearly 1.6 million and account for 21% of Hong Kong’s total population1. Women are more likely to face challenges in planning their retirement as life expectancy increases.

The Fidelity Global Women and Money Study conducted in Hong Kong and six other regions in 2022 found that six in ten women in Hong Kong feel they are financially independent. However, only a small proportion said they are confident in their current financial situation.

One reason for this may be a lack of confidence in financial planning. The study revealed that women tend to have less savings and investments than men and are less active in their retirement contributions and planning. Nevertheless, the good news is that a majority (60%) of women in Hong Kong are interested in managing their finances.


Key observations and challenges of Hong Kong women



Women feel financially independent

Six in ten (59%) women in Hong Kong feel they are financially independent.

Women in Hong Kong believe financial independence is about having a personal income that can cover their everyday expenses and bills (57%), not having to rely on others for financial support (51%), having personal savings that can cover unforeseen expenses (50%).


Hold less savings and investments 

Women in Hong Kong have reported that they hold on average 10% in savings and 11% in investments less than men. The gender pay gap and contrasting investment attitudes may have contributed to these differences.


Not confident in their retirement income

Nearly half of women in Hong Kong (46%) think they will not have enough to fund the income they want in retirement.

Younger women in Hong Kong are likely lack confident in having enough retirement fund. However, the confidence level increases with age.


Less active in their retirement contributions and planning

In Hong Kong, only 37% of women actively make decisions about how their pension should be invested, and 34% of women feel comfortable making investment decision.

In addition, less than a third (27%) of women regularly make additional contributions to their pension.  


About the Fidelity Global Women & Money Study

The research was conducted by Opinium between 7 January and 17 January 2022 among 14,052 men and women in Mainland China, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. The Hong Kong sample size is 906 men and 1,094 women.


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1 Source: Census and Statistics Department HKRSA, Hong Kong Population Projections 2020-2069, September, 2020